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Since 1991, CIE has been solving problems and delivering solutions. Simply put we answer the following questions:
1.Why it happened?
2.Who’s responsible?
3.How bad is it?
4.How can we fix it?

CIE serves all of New England, Long Island, and Eastern New York with one-call support.

Whether you are a property manager or claim’s professional needing an answer to a cause of loss or a trial attorney seeking liability expert assistance, CIE is able to provide objective and decisive answers.

Forensic Engineers and Master Technicians and Scientists typically have more than 20 years of experience in multiple fields.  This leverages our ability to quickly turn around solutions to meet your needs. We pride ourselves on giving you decisive answers in clear and concise reports.

Investigative Engineering 
What WE can do for YOU!
Claims Professionals and Property Managers
  • Quick and Decisive reports on cause and extent of loss
  • Minimize insured exposure to additional losses
  • Subrogation support
  • Repair and replacement options
  • Maximize your return on investment in us

How we accomplish our goals:
 RESPONSIVE – EASY 1 – 2 – 3

  1. 1 day to make contact, then within
  2. 2 days on-site, then within
  3. 3 days final report is transmitted

 Experienced and cross-trained engineers and master technicians provide Fast and Accurate solutions

 Disciplined investigated approaches based on the Scientific Method provide decisive and Conclusive solutions that survive legal scrutiny.

 Quality assurance techniques and disciplined investigation approaches ensure the Accuracy and Truthin our Reports Technology, both in testing and analysis as well as productivity enhancing and quality assurance software, firmware and hardware, gives us the tools to make conclusive determinations quickly.

 Strategic relationships with experts and specialists throughout the country and regionally allow us to leverage the support with seamless access to extraordinary and specialized expertise.

CIE serves all of New England, Long Island, and Eastern New York with one-call support.


  • Liability Expert witness support, Peer Review
  • Certified Professional Estimator to value extent of loss
  • Fire Origin and Cause
  • Mold Testing, Causation Experts

CIE strives to fast, accurate and conclusive solutions to meet your needs.  Our investments  in technology and our development of standard procedures ensure accuracy and efficiency.

Experience with 1000’s of assignments has honed our ability to accurately and decisively determine the cause of loss as well as provide your clients with piece of mind.