Forensic Engineers

Forensic Engineers

Cissell Investigative Engineering LLC (CIE) evolved from a specialized department of an engineering and design firm.  In 2001 CIE became a separate entity with highly experienced, multi-discipline engineers and master technicians.  By 2006 the firm’s business consisted primarily of forensic investigation and expert witness services for attorneys, the insurance industry, and  risk, property, and facility managers.

CIE’s investigative engineering services encompass a wide range of areas including:

  • Water intrusion
  • Mold cause and origin
  • Construction defects
  • Fire origin and cause
  • Structural failures
  • Mechanical and Electrical failures
  • Product Defect
  • Personal Injury, trip and fall
  • Traffic accident reconstruction

CIE has made a strong commitment to servicing the insurance and legal communities with fast, accurate, conclusive. and truthful reports. Highly experienced and multidiscipline engineers and master technicians are an advantage to you, simply stated, our engineers and technicians have the training and experience to conduct thorough investigations without needing a team of specialists, saving you time and money. When a specialist is needed CIE has resources available nationwide to assist.

CIE’s work in construction defects, water intrusion and freeze-up has gained a statewide and regional reputation as the experts to whom legal counsel, the insurance industry and forensic engineers turn to for services and opinions. The CIE team of fire investigators is well respected by the insurance and fire origin and cause community, and has provided origin and cause services throughout the New England Region. In the area of traffic accidents, our investigator has worked with many large insurance carriers and attorneys in highway defects, human factors and reconstructions.

Through superior client service, an excellent reputation, and commitment to FACT, CIE continues to grow while consistently meeting and often exceeding client expectations.

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