Liability Experts

Liability Experts

Cissell Investigative Engineering LLC offers expert investigation services. Our team of expert forensic and environmental engineers are available to determine cause and origin for damage caused to residential, commercial and industrial properties. From fire investigations to water intrusion claims, storm damage claims to mold remediation claims, our professional staff will investigate, analyze and complete a comprehensive report of the property damage.

  • Water Intrusion Claims
  • HVAC & IAQ Claims
  • Soot & Smoke
  • Furnace
  • Freeze-Up
  • Lightning Damage Claims
  • Mold testing & Remediation
  • Roofing Claims-Residential & Commercial
  • Structural, Vibration Claims Catastrophe Claims
  • Bodily Injury-Slip, Trip & Fall
  • Workers Comp Injury Causation
  • Fire Investigations-Origin & Cause, Product Testing
  • Hail, Wind, Snow & Ice Claims
  • Structural Failures

Cissell Investigative Engineering LLC offers a range of engineering services including  analysis of components, structural integrity evaluations, fatigue/ failure analysis, vibration analysis, metallurgy, corrosion analysis, troubleshooting, materials testing, xray and electrical testing.   The vast resources in our network of affiliates allows us to have access to expertise from every discipline.

Successful recoveries and defenses on furnaces, boilers, switchgear, consumer products and small appliances, dishwashers, washers, dryers, HVAC equipment, service contractors, tools, vehicles, golf carts, wood stove, alternative fuel systems and various plumbing equipment.

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