Structural Failure

Structural Failure

Cissell Investigative Engineering LLC (CIE) services range from determining the cause to evaluating the damage extent due to a tree or third party incident.  Construction defects are commonly faulted when failures occur.  CIE maintains a historical building code database to compare the cause determined with the codes required.   Frequently CIE finds decay as a contributing cause of a collapse.

CIE is often asked to assess historical structures.  Often, remodeling that occurred decades earlier begin to show deformations and structural responses.

A recent claim involved a church, the sidewalls were leaning out and there were several beams showing stress.  CIE quickly determined that the roof was not adequately supported and the horizontal forces at the eaves of the roof relied on cables located in the upper third of the rafter.  Originally, the roof was supported by walls, now there are only columns.

Updated: August 1, 2014 — 12:15 pm

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