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This summer there have been several storms producing hail of sufficient size to cause damage to roofing and siding. Sometimes it’s pretty obvious from the edge of a roof; however, there are a lot of claims made on roofs where the damage is very light or non-existent. Repairs can frequently be made to restore a roof to preloss condition without the need to remove an entire roof. Also, hail storms are directional. the winds associated with the storms are what usually necessary to propel the hailstone with sufficient energy to cause damage. Glancing blows on opposing roofs rarely cause damage unless the hail is quite large.

Most hail storms come from the West, Northwest or North directions. We subscribe to a national hail mapping service with very detailed maps of the probable hail damage areas. We have engineers and experts located in Connecticut, Western Mass and Southeast Mass. We also provide guidance on specifications for repairs, whether it’s a total reroof or repair. CIE also has independent resources available for repairs or replacement.


Structure Collapses and Defects from Weight of Ice and Snow

Updated: 3 months ago

We are often asked to address property defects and causes of collapses. The first part of the analysis requires assessing snow accumulation by taking field measurements at several locations near weather stations.

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Roofing Shingle Defects Attributed to Ice Dams and Weight of Ice and Snow

Updated: 3 months ago

A defective condition that has been making the rounds claiming to be caused by the weight of ice and snow are vertical cracks.

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Freeze-Up FAQ

Freeze-Up FAQ

Updated: 3 months ago

Winter is fast approaching with freeze-up losses sure to follow. Many of our freeze-up investigations follow months and sometimes years later.

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